London Taxi Madness

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  • Description
    • Try to reach the next checkpoint within the given time limit. Be careful as other cars will block you. Sometimes they will
      even block all 3 lanes so you will have to use a special feature of your taxi! Just jump over other cars and continue your
      high speed frenzy. Once you pass a checkpoint you will get additional time. As you progress the time for passing a waypoint
      will steadily decrease. Later in the game you will be able to pick up clocks which will add 5 seconds to your time.
      There are also turbo items on the track. Collect 3 of them to activate the turbo. Unlock secret cars if you are able to
      beat very high scores. While other taxi drivers may get bored you will certainly like your duty!
  • Instructions
    • Press Space Bar to jump over other cars

      Press Up Arrow Key and than release it to Speed Up (repeat that until you drive at full speed)

      Press and release the Down Arrow Key to gear down

      Left and Right Arrow-Key to change lanes

      T to switch taxis (you will have to unlock other cars first)

      Alternative controls: A and D to change lanes, W to gear Up, S to gear down, J to Jump, T to switch taxis

      Alternative controls:
      A and D to change lanes
      W to Speed Up
      S for brake
      J to Jump
      T to switch taxis

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